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Organizations Making a Difference

Below can be found a partial listing of current members of our data base, their web site URL and a button that will take you to more information that we've gathered. The database is currently under construction, and you are invited to contact us with your input.


Database Links


   Member Organizations, websites, contacts, and other detailed information.   

         Music for Life Alliance   Music For Lifelong Achievement       
         Muriel Anderson's All Star Guitar Night   Guitars in the Classroom       
         International Trumpet Guild   Little Kids Rock       
         Arts Council of Central Louisiana   Berklee School of Music       
         Chet Atkins Music Education Fund   Children's Music Network       
         D'Addario Foundation for the Performing Arts (The)   Guitars not Guns       
         Intl House of Blues Foundation   John Entwhistle Foundation       
         Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation   Mockingbird Foundation (The)       
         Music Sweet Music, Inc   NAMM - Intl Music Products Assn       
         National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts   Opus 118       
         People's Music School (The)   VH1 Save The Music Foundation       
         Young Musician's Foundation